(#195) Off shoulder flat (High Glitz) national pageant dress. (white pink)

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Garment Measurement:

Size XS: (1~2T) Chest: 20-22", Waist: 20-22", Bodice Length: 9.5", Skirt Length: 8".
Size S: (3~4T) Chest: 22-24", Waist: 22-24", Bodice Length: 10.5", Skirt Length: 9".
Size M: (5~7T) Chest: 24-26", Waist: 24-26", Bodice Length: 11.5", Skirt Length: 10.5".
Size L: (8~9T) Chest: 26-28", Waist: 26-28", Bodice Length: 12.5", Skirt Length: 12".

Remark: (Bodice length measure from top center V neck to bottom hem.)

*Hooks eyes and some parts included, but not attached to the garment. Buyers sew them by themselves to get perfect fit*

Delivery: 10 to 14 business days delivery by regular mail.