Straps flat style plain shell national pageant dress. (purple) (item: SSFTPNPE0001)

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Style: 2 pieces cupcake dress

Material (Top): Stretchy lycra

Material (Skirt): Organza

Fastening: (Hooks eyes provided separately)

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Shipping: Regular 7-14 days (Fast ship contact seller)


Garment (Flat) Measurement for item no. SSFTPNPE0001:

Size XXS: (6-12 months)

Chest: 16.5-17.5"/ Waist: 16.5-17.5"/ Bodice Length: 10"/ Skirt Length: 6"

Size XS: (1-2T)

Chest: 20.5-22"/ Waist: 20.5-22"/ Bodice Length: 12"/ Skirt Length: 7.5"

Size S: (3-4T)

Chest: 23-24"/ Waist: 22-24"/ Bodice Length: 14"/ Skirt Length: 8.5"

Size M: (5-7T)

Chest: 25-26"/ Waist: 25-26"/ Bodice Length: 15"/ Skirt Length: 9.5"

Size L: (8-9T)

Chest: 26-27"/ Waist: 26-27"/ Bodice Length: 16"/ Skirt Length: 11.5"


(Bodice length measure from high point shoulder vertical down to bottom hem.)